Thursday, 25 October 2012

#53 The End

This is the end, my friends. I can't believe that it's been a year since I started this project. What a journey! I can honestly say that I loved almost every moment of it, and I'm not going to deny that sometimes it was a lot of self imposed pressure but that was the point: commitment, discipline and to prove myself that I can do it!
Also I learned a lot about myself, about just doing my own thing and stop worrying about what other people might think about my work. I also learned that sometimes I cracked under pressure (specially when not inspired at all!), but that also my most creative job was done under that same pressure.
Something that I didn't have in mind when thought of this project was that the texts would be so vital, somehow some of them took the prime spot, and it's ok, I really enjoyed writing them (another creative side to explore!).
Lots of thanks to all my friends and family that supported me during this year, your words of encouragement were an inspiration and, of course, it's also nice to know that someone out there likes what I do! 
And as I said in the beginning of this blog, I will keep searching ways to express what I have inside, so next year, I will test the waters with interior design, and you never know, another blog may come this way...

Up there it's me, wearing my own designs! How very fashionable of me!
Down here, also me, in real life.

 Goodbye, Opy out.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

#52 The Little Fox

Soon I will be having a brand new nephew in my life, and don't want to leave him out of my patterns just because he won't be born before the project finale next week. 
And so this little fox is for you Julian... the fox is my favourite character from The Little Prince for he teaches the Prince the most important lesson in the book. The fox meets the Prince when the latter is disappointed and lonely. He has just seen the garden of roses and realized that his flower is common, not unique and valuable as he had imagined. The fox, however, teaches the Prince that one cannot judge another by seeing with the eyes; instead, one has to see and judge with the heart. As a result, the Little Prince realizes that his flower is really very special, for he has loved and cared for it. Also the fox asks the Little Prince to “tame” him. He explains that one is tamed by being loved and valued. Since the Prince invests time and energy into the fox, the animal does become tame, and a close friendship develops between the two of them. The Little Prince always remembers the teachings of the fox, who proves that he is wise indeed.

“Goodbye,” said the fox. “And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” 
“What is essential is invisible to the eye,” the little prince repeated, so that he would be sure to remember.

Until next week, the last week of this project! Opy x

Sunday, 14 October 2012

#51 Solitaire

Cherish your solitude. Take trains by yourself to places you have never been. Sleep out alone under the stars. Learn how to drive a stick shift. Go so far away that you stop being afraid of not coming back. Say no when you don’t want to do something. Say yes if your instincts are strong, even if everyone around you disagrees. Decide whether you want to be liked or admired. Decide if fitting in is more important than finding out what you’re doing here. Believe in kissing.

I found this quote while researching for the word solitude, it's by Eve Ensler, a playwright and feminist activist best known for the play The Vagina Monologues. Good, isn't it?

Sunday, 7 October 2012

#50 Aiming high, high like a giraffe!

Honestly, most of my life I had aimed highish, I'd like to think as myself as a down to earth person, however as I grow older, my aims are becoming higher, because I realise, of course, that the rewards are even higher, as I'm learning to appreciate all aspects of an outcome, whether is what I had in mind or not; proof of that is this project, and as the end approaches, the higher I reach the higher I feel.
Opy x

Sunday, 30 September 2012

#49 Do Your Own Thing

To be nobody-but-yourself — in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else — means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.
E. E. Cummings

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

#48 Keep Watching

Yeah, yeah, I know I am super extra late this week, or last week? but for good reasons, one of them being that the 19th was my birthday, so I wanted to make the pattern about me, or at least about something I specially love.... and you know when they say that to create something about ourselves is the most difficult, they are totally right! Complete blocked, blank mind... so after much stressing I decided to leave it to fate... so for inspiration, I took a random Frankie magazine, with my eyes closed, flicked the pages, point somewhere and funny thing, I pointed an ad with pendant of a hot air balloon! (true story!) A sign for sure.... because I absolutely love my first ever pattern "Watch, Lean & Fly", so here it is another version, besides recycling is cool!

                              If I were in charge of the world 
                              I’d cancel Monday morning, coriander 
                              and Crocs.

                              If I were in charge of the world 
                              There’d be an Ikea in New Zealand
                              and all plane seats would be first class (but without the price!) 

                              If I were in charge of the world 
                              You wouldn’t have rain on weekends. 
                              You wouldn’t have traffic jams. 
                              You wouldn’t have calories. 

                              If I were in charge of the world 
                              Chocolate be a vegetable. 
                              Ryan Gosling would be my husband.
                              And a person who sometimes forgot to txt back, 
                              And sometimes forgot to call back, 
                              Would still be allowed to be 
                              In charge of the world.

Of course what I really want is peace, a world free of hunger and starvation, a world where all people are treated with dignity, respect and equality, but you knew that... so this version is for your LOLs. This is based in the poem by Judith Viorst, I used it as base and just add my personal wishes. What would you do if you were in charge of the world?

Sunday, 16 September 2012

#47 Retro Coffee Pots

I love coffee, I love tea, 
I love the Java Jive and it loves me 
Coffee and tea and the java and me, 
A cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup! 

I love java sweet and hot, 
Whoops, Mister Moto, I'm a coffee pot 
Shoot me the pot, and I'll pour me a shot, 
A cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup! Boy!

Dedicated to my brother in law, Sebastian, a coffee lover.... Happy Birthday!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

#46 Wendy, I'm Home

Last week I watched again, after years, The Shining; superb Kubrick horror movie. Oh, the music! the photography! It's kind of obvious from the begining that Jack will go cuckoo (Nicholson is never up to any good). Even Wendy clumsy and quirky acting is good (and yes! she is Olive Oyl in Popeye!). 
Apparently Stephen King wasn't very happy about this adaptation, claiming it is not very loyal to the book... well Stephen, let the genius work... the movie stands as a thing of its own.
Also what I love about the movie are the carpets and wallpaper, who can forget the carpet on the hallway, where Danny cycles around (here in the pattern). Classic 70' design!
Heeeeeere's Johnny!

PS: in case is hard to read "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" as repeatedly written by Jack and read by Wendy

Saturday, 1 September 2012

#45 Paper Planes

Spring is in the air and so are the airplanes! It is such a necessity to travel, specially when you literally live in a island: "Get me out of here!" my body claims at least once a year! 

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness.
Mark Twain

Friday, 24 August 2012

#44 Paisley

I super like paisley, this classic textile pattern is characterized by colourful, curved figures; it is named for the shawls manufactured at the town of Paisley, Scotland. When, about 1800, patterned shawls made from the soft fleece of the Kashmir goat began to be imported to Britain from India, machine-woven equivalents were made at Paisley to supply the insatiable demand that had been created for “cashmere” shawls. Paisley shawls, in silk and cotton and later in wool, with sober colouring, were beautiful in their own right. Their rich, abstract, curvilinear patterns, modified from their Kashmir counterparts and deriving ultimately from Mughal art, have continued to be widely adopted in modern textiles, especially for clothing. A motif resembling an enlarged comma (well-known in Mughal decorative art) is the one by which most people recognize a paisley pattern.

What I like most about them is the rhythm they communicate, specially when in strong colours. I think that they look great not only in cloths but also in linen, sofas, chair and cushions. They are making a came back this S/S 2012, if I could only dig deep into my teenager years closet to find that precious black & fucsia paisley top, oh well, will have to get a new one then...

Saturday, 18 August 2012

#43 Potpourri Collage

Yes, that's it! Only 10 patterns to go, so some elements decided to have another 15 minutes of fame. A mix and match of whatever with some new elements (as if Marilyn was going to be left out!)
Going to the basics here, a sort of collage, remember them? I did plenty of those back in the day, love the cut & paste concept. And don't try to look for logic in the layout, there isn't really one (psychologist: enjoy!)
The main photos on the background were taken with my film camera, Lomography Diana Mini, (yeap, no digital here!) during different trips around the globe, can you see Montmartre there? or the beautiful Rio? Also my very special place in Argentina, my family farm Doña Leonor.
I love it, you like?

Saturday, 11 August 2012

#42 Kaleidoscope: Candy for the Eye

Who doesn't love a kaleidoscope? Call it a toy or an optical device, it always put a smile on my face. 
Kalos, eidos & skopios meaning beautiful, form & view, respectively. Simple yet super smart! 

“Creativity is a lot like looking at the world through a kaleidoscope. You look at a set of elements, the same ones everyone else sees, but then reassemble those floating bits and pieces into an enticing new possibility. Effective leaders are able to”
 Rosabeth Moss Kanter

Saturday, 4 August 2012

#41 Olympic Swimmer

Not even the Olympics can escape the geometric design trend, it's everywhere
I like most of the branding, especially the colour combos (can't you tell from the pattern? orange & hot pink! oh my!), however I'm not particularly fond of the mascot, Wenlock. What is that thing?! Is it like a Leela from Futurama? Is it a Minion from Despicable Me? "Simplicity is Beauty" obviously does not apply here. Olympic fail if you ask me! Bring Cobi back!
And if you are having an Olympic overdose, it's ok, don't panic! You are totally allowed, it is, after all, only every 4 years and not in many occasion we get to see sports that we (ordinary "non sporty" people) rarely ever get to watch. The flexible gymnasts (with all the glitter, of course!), the fast swimmers & the bikers with the futuristic outfits. What a parade of effort, agility & coordination! Thanks for the entertaining!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Friday, 20 July 2012

#39 Star Friends

Good friends are like stars, you don't always see them, but you know they are always there!

I'm lucky, I have a good share of very different friends: some are tall, some are short, some are fun, others a tad serious, some are free spirits, others are conformists, some are open minded, some think the world revolve around them, some are creative, others like numbers, some are tidy neat, others are messy, some dance, some are goofy, lots cook heavenly, some are parents, a few are blood family, with some I can talk for hours, with others I can share silence. In any case, I've chosen to have them in my life, as well as they accept me to be in theirs. I'm thankful for their persona, they sure enrich and make my life colourful! Happy "Friend's Day"!

Friday, 13 July 2012

#38 Today

As we all know, life could be a bit unpredictable, sometimes we cannot know what's around the corner, so would it be crazy to live and enjoy every day as if is our last? well yes! but we can at least try, no?
And I don't mean bungyjumping, or some extreme activity that will raise your adrenaline, making you feel "alive". I believe its more about the little things, about being greatful and not giving things for granted. Things that seem simply but most times get overshadowed by routine (among other nonsense). 

Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero
Seize the Day, putting as little trust as possible in the future

Thursday, 5 July 2012

#37 Buildings

A bit inspired by the movie Sidewalls (Medianeras), set in Buenos Aires, Argentina.. showing beautiful (and not so beautiful) buildings... I loved it from the beginning until the end, my kind of feel good movie. It has some killer quotes in regards to swimming, texting and internet dating, but you will have to watch it if you want to hear them.. in the mean time I leave you with Martin's opening monologue... it makes more sense with the images but anyway...

"Buenos Aires is growing uncontrollably and imperfectly. Its a hugely populated city. A city in which thousands of buildings rise into the sky arbitrarily… Next to a tall one, there’s a small one. Next to a rational one, an irrational one. Next to a French one, one without style. These irregularity reflect us perfectly… irregularities that are both aesthetic and ethic. These buildings without any logic represent bad planning, just like our lives; we have no idea how we want them to be. We live in Buenos Aires as if it were a stopover; we’ve created a tenant culture. The buildings are becoming smaller and smaller to make space for even smaller ones. Apartments are measured by the number of rooms and range from 5: with balconies, playrooms, and maids quarters to 1: a studio apartment, or a shoebox. Just like almost all manmade objects, the buildings reflect the differences between us: there’s a front and a backside, high and low apartments. Privileged people have the letter A, sometimes B… the farther back the alphabet goes, the worse the apartment. The promised views and brightness rarely coincide with reality. What can be expected of a city that turns it back to its river?"

Friday, 29 June 2012

#36 Seagulls by 8 Year Old Me

Recently my mother and father moved houses, in the process they found a drawing I made back when I was 8 years old, they sent it to me and amaze by it, I couldn't believe the unusual seagulls that I drew on the sky, so It was decided that I will use it as an element for a pattern.

The pink seagull is the original from my drawing, the rest shows how the figure for the pattern was constructed

Dear 8 year old me, 
25 years later, I am writing to you with some piece of advise:
- Your Barbie is made of plastic, it won't come alive, so stop praying and wasting energies on useless things.
- Don't worry about silly things, and don't overreact, nothing is so bad. The sooner you realise this, the better you will enjoy the little things. 
- Love your body at every age, you are not as chubby as you think. But please when you reach your late teens take example from your friends and start exercising. 
- Concentrate on searching on what drives you, on what makes you happy.
- Screw Disney and their Prince Charming. The only person that you have to impress is yourself!
- Early 2001, take out of all your saving from the bank, if not by the end of the year your Government is going to screw you, big time! 
- In 2003 you will move to two little islands in the South Pacific, a very good decision! But remember they are NOT tropical islands!

Friday, 22 June 2012

#35 Eat Cake!

Happy Birthday my precious Franca!!!! 3 years old, but not little at all! I wish I was there to blow the 3 candles with you, my darling. Maybe next year. I'm just grateful to your parents for bringing such an adorable creature to my world. I'm also grateful for free Skype. I promised I practice my Italian, so we can have better chit chats. And I hope you enjoy your first My Little Pony, it was one of my favourite toys when I was a kid! Remember there is not such a thing as too many brushes to that beautiful plastic pastel hair! 

Querida Ana, happy twentyten birthday to you, my mexican soulmate! Where would I be if it weren't for you? You are the dot to my i, the chimichurri to my meat and the heroin of my comic life! Total thanks! now... lets dance!

Friday, 15 June 2012

#34 Dot, Dot, Dot

Paul Klee said "A line is a dot that went for a walk", well then, here we have a crowd of lines, walking? talking? connecting? Or are they people in a concert? or peas in a soup? or lost full stops? 
what ever you want them to be, they are! 

Ah! you are so great, and I am so small,   
I tremble to think of you, World, at all;   
And yet, when I said my prayers to-day,   
A whisper inside me seemed to say, 
"You are more than the earth, though you are such a dot; 
 You can love and think, and the earth cannot!"   
William Brighty Rands 

This is also another thanks to ApetitPois, for your post and because you suggested it! Enjoy! Opy x

Saturday, 9 June 2012

#33 Melbourne

What is it about Melbourne?
Last weekend, I got the chance to go for the second time to this exciting city, and what do I think of it?
That if, thrown together: music, cafes, markets, street art, books, quirky stuff, photography, art galleries, festivals, bike trips, trams, St Kilda pier, the Yarra and creeks, gigs, theatre, fashion, food, fashionistas & hipsters (plus a few nut people, why not?)
you get the most livable city in the World! (and this is not invented by me!)
The pattern is inspired by the awesome Federation Square and
the colours by the City of Melbourne unique logo

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

#32 More Roses

Because there is never enough floral patterns.. and roses are so nice to the eye
...I put on my floral dress, sunglasses and off to the beach, where it's sunny and warm, the water is at perfect temperature, the book is the perfect read... care to join me?
A girl can dream... Opy x
PS: Many thanks ApetitPois, your post is awesome. Your blog is divine!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

#31 Argentina

25 de Mayo, Feliz Dia de la Revolucion! Above all, I'm from Argentina, and although for the past 9 years I've chosen to live abroad, I try never to forget my roots. I don't know if I will ever live there again, now I'm so used to another way of life (neither better nor worse, just different), it is hard for me to look back. Many things make Argentina such a special place, if you never visit or don't know or never know someone from this wonderful country, this pattern showcases some of the most iconic symbols (at least according to me)

1. Sol de Mayo this golden sun with 32 rays (16 undulated and 16 straight) is one of our national emblems, you can find it in coins, the flag and the coat of arms.
2. Fútbol, a passion of Argentina, need to mention Maradona or Messi?
3. Asado, in this case goat in a stake, but it's mainly beef meat, it's all about the meat, tender and tasty. The cooking of the meat it's an art, charcoal or woodfire, there is no other option! We can certainly said that in Argentina being a vegetarian is frown upon.
4. El hornero, ovenbirds is another national emblem, their woodfire oven house are lovely and too cute!
5. La escarapela, the cockade, a national emblem with same white and light blue as the flag, is wear to show pride during important dates like 25 de Mayo
6. Mate is an infused drink, prepared with the yerba mate leaves and hot water (mostly). It's serve with a straw called bombilla in a shallow calabash gourd referred as Mate. It's traditionally drunk in a particular social setting such as family gatherings or with friends. Some like mate amargo (bitter) or mate dulce (sweet - like me!)
7. Alpargatas this typical canvas shoes are the simplest and cheapest footwear you can find, it's so funny to see them so in fashion these days!
8. Alfajor is the preferred sweet, two biscuits joined together with lots of dulce de leche (sort of a caramel) coated with chocolate. Yummy!!!

Friday, 18 May 2012

#30 I See You

I spy, with my little EYE, something beginning with E
EYE candy
The EYE of the storm
Hungry EYES
The naked EYE
The apple of one's EYE
Meet someone's EYE
In the blink of an EYE
Easy on the EYE
Catch someone's EYE
Black EYE
An EYE for an EYE
The evil EYE

Thursday, 10 May 2012

#29 madmenmania

I've been so obsessed with Mad Men lately that I wanted to do something with a 60s design feeling. If you never watched the show, and you love vintage/retro design, I recommend you watch it, fashion and furniture are incredibly true to those years (at least that's what they said!). The story and dinamics are also amazing of course, but maybe not everybody cup of tea, the pace is rather slower than the typical nowadays shows. What I like most is how they manage to include news, music and art from that time, not to mention advertising, and how things and relationships used to work back then, oh so much different that now (well maybe not all things are much different). Also the characters are just perfect, you love them and you hate at some point, specially Don, such an adorable handsome douchebag! 
Let the draping begin! (ooooooh yes! this is happening!)

Friday, 4 May 2012

#28 Strange

I confess that this design started as a simple and classic Chevron pattern, but even if I tried, it didn't stay the same for too long, so somewhere between boredom and silliness it became shapes, that among them hide secret characters... can you see them?

... and who doesn't love a big chunky moustache?

Saturday, 28 April 2012

#27 Whale Watch

This week comes with delay, just laziness. 
Like some other times, I was panicking about what to do, I asked my marine biologist friend, and she said: Why don't you do a pattern about whales? They just arrived to Puerto Madryn.
Great idea, why not? I said. They are, after all, the biggest mammals, and they seem to be fascinating creatures.
Puerto Madryn is a city East of Argentina, by the Atlantic Ocean, very famous for it's whale watching. I have actually never been there, but according to many it's an amazing city where you get to live one of the best sealife experiences. And my friend knows best! She is from the mainland, but from the moment she saw the whales at an early age, she had "the calling" and she knew what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. So when time came, she moved to Madryn where she went to UNI, and lucky me she is here now, still studying, happy about being surrounded by oceans. It is sooooo cool to have a marine biologist as friend, its like having my own personal wikipedia! So have you ever seen a whale? Opy x

Friday, 27 April 2012

#26½ Halfway There

I can't believe 6 months have passed since I started this project. What a journey! So much learning, such a good exercise for consistency and discipline. Hard work but so worth it!
Thanks to my friends, family and followers for your constant support. You already know that your words of encouragement are an important part of this process.
And as a gift... don't you love the above quote? It's simplicity and message really inspires me. It's taken from the movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" a David Fincher film, loosely based on the 1922 short story of the same name by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It has superb acting and killer phrases. Enjoy! Opy

Friday, 20 April 2012

#26 The Piano

Tonight I was having dinner at my friends' place, one of whom is a pianist. Even though their house is cosy and small, a black shiny piano lives on the living room, and rather than being just another piece of furniture, it's more like a giant presence, impossible not to admire. How lovely is to listen someone playing piano, emotional (goosbumps for sure!) and lucky those who have the talent to play it, they make it look so easy. Me, always curious, wanted to know the inside about someone who plays it, not only as a passion but also for a living. I found my friend's answer quite fascinating:
A piano is clumsy and demanding (something like a neurotic girlfriend, that you can't bring nowhere!)
It's a relationship of mutual possession.
Sometimes you play the piano, but other times the piano plays you!

PS: Thank you Frankie magazine for the mention on your e-newsletter! The copy is lovely!

Friday, 13 April 2012

#25 Red, Red Wine

I know close to nothing about wines: about colours, textures or flavours. 
What I do know: that I prefer red over white, that it relaxes me, that it dyes my tongue, that makes me sleepy and of course, how much I like it. Not that I am a big drinker, but I do enjoy a glass (or two) some evenings (ok, afternoons on a Saturday, you got me!)

"Drink to celebrate fullness, not to fill emptiness"

Thursday, 5 April 2012

#24 Happy Easter

Bunny rabbits wiggle,

So much they make me giggle.

They wiggle their ears,

They wiggle their nose,

The tail on their rear,

Wiggles too, I suppose.

And just when I say “Stop wiggling, stop!”

They wiggle all over, and take a big hop!

May you have an Easter full of laughter, chocolate and good weather!
Opy x

Thursday, 29 March 2012

# 23 Life's Recipe by Me

1 cup of friends
1 cup of family
1 litre of humour
1/2 cup of creativity
100 ml of personality
50 ml of common sense
4 tbsp of passion
2 tbsp of craziness
4 tsp of patience
2 Pinches of curiosity
pinch of silliness
Dash of drama

Cooking Instructions
Do you have them? Because I don't... I probably lost them somewhere between my late teens and mid 20s, so now I just throw ingredients together and wish for the best. If you haven't try this freestyle cooking, I dare you! It's yuck sometimes but when it turn out ok is delicious! Even if is not the flavour that you hoped for!

So how are you cooking these days?

Friday, 23 March 2012

#22 Mapuche

Inspired by the Mapuche textile art, here is my version of the "Tribal Print" (very much in trend this days). 
The Mapuche are one of three surviving tribes of the ancient Araucanian linguistic group of indigenous who lived in south-central Chile and southwestern Argentina before the Incas or the Spaniards arrived. The Mapuche, whose name means "people of the land" are gifted craftsmen. Their textiles, in beautifully blended colors, borrow designs from the Incas, with squares, stepped, and zigzagged lines dominating. 
If you are lucky you may have seen this fabulous form of craft in its environment, if not, consider a trip to South America next time you plan a holiday, I am positive it will be one of the best experiences of your life, and I am not just saying that!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

#21 Roses are Big, Blue & Bold

Don't you just love bold lines?
When I was a kid I was obsessed with Snoopy & Garfield, in those times, it was difficult to find pictures or stationery about them, and then when I finally managed to get something, I wanted to apply it everywhere for every occasion Eg Birthday cards, letters. I used tracing paper to copy their images with pencil, then transfer them to paper, then colour them and last, I drew the bold black lines, ahhhh my favourite part! so much dedication! But it was worth it, with no computer or scanner everything was like that! I am from a generation that adopted "resourceful" as its middle name (imagine our parents or grandparents generations, the imagination! such a troopers!) 
Coming back to lines, one of my favourites artist that based his work on thick lines was Keith Haring, such a talent! I love his bright and bold figures, they have so much energy, with a real power to communicate. If you never heard of him, check the official website, I am sure you will like his work too his drawings put a smile on my face!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

#20 Todo sobre mi Madre | All about my Mother

Marta Leonor, nacida el 6 de Marzo ES... 
... VERDE, ama el campo y el aire libre, "Chiquititas, salgan a disfrutar de la naturaleza" lo comprueba 
... DOCENTE Y MUY PACIENTE! Amante de su vocacion (y afortunada diriamos nosotras!) 
... APASIONADA Y EFUSIVA en sus creencia, pensamientos, sentimientos e inclinaciones politicas 
... TIENE MUCHA ENERGIA, tanta que hasta a veces su manera de relajarse es trabajar. ("En orbita, chiquititas!" otra frase famosa) 
... UNA GRAN RELATORA, de peliculas especialmente, es como si la estuvieras viendo en el cine, con lujo de detalles 
... UN POCO EXAGERADA, aunque no lo haga a proposito (y no le guste reconocerlo) tiende a agrandar un poco las situaciones (pero esta cualidad abunda en las mujeres de la familia, incluyendonos! por eso no esta sola en esto!) 
... NUESTRA MADRE, que es perfectamente imperfecta en su rol (lejos estamos de ser nosotras las hijas perfectas). Ella hace lo mejor que le sale y con las mejores intenciones. Y aunque a veces no parezca, lo valoramos.
Feliz Cumple Mama! Te amamos, Guillermina & Florencia :)


Marta Leonor, born March 6 IS...
... GREEN, he loves the countryside and the outdoors, "Chiquititas, come out to enjoy nature" proves it!
... A TEACHER AND VERY PATIENT! She loves what she does (lucky her we reckon!)
... PASSIONATE AND EFFUSIVE in her beliefs, thoughts, feelings and political taste.
... HAS LOTS OF ENERGY, so sometimes even his way of relaxing is working ("In orbit, chiquititas" another famous phrase)
... A GREAT STORYTELLER, especially when telling films, it's as though you were watching it in the theater, she doesn't miss a detail
... A BIT EXAGGERATED, a drama queen, but she doesn't do it on purpose (and she doesn't like to admit it either) tends to overreact some situations (but this quality runs in women of the family, including us! so she is not alone in this!)
... OUR MOTHER, who is perfectly imperfect in her role (we are far from being the perfect daughters ourselves). She does her best with the best intentions. And though sometimes it may not seem, we value that!
Happy Birthday Mom! We love you, Guillermina & Florencia :)  

Este estampado esta basado en esta fotos de 1975. Que guapa Marta!
Inspirado en la obra del artista pop Andy Warhol.

This pattern is based on this photo from 1975. Pretty Marta!
Inspired by the work of pop artist Andy Warhol. 

Friday, 2 March 2012

#19 Goosebumps

Considering that goosebumps are the bumps on a person's skin at the base of body hairs which may involuntarily develop when a person is cold or experiences strong emotions such as fear, nostalgia, pleasure, admiration, etc. When was the last time you remember having the goosebumps?
Mine was listening to Adele's Someone like you! What a voice!
Not many things get me goosebumps (apart from being cold of course!) but I do get emotional a lot, like I a weep for everything (I told you I was a crier!) I also suffer from a severe case of blushing! ohhhh yes! And it runs in the family, BIG time! I get nervous, I blush! All red: face, ears, neck, boiling hot!... but I am learning to get over it! beside I heard somewhere that creative people blush! (note: this fact might be invented by my sister, to make us feel good about our blushing!) Opy x
PS: I bet you'll remember this post next time you have the goosebumps!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

#18 A classic with a twist

To keep in line with fashion, that seem to be in every news these days (all those fashion weeks), I wanted to create an alternative to a classic I love: the houndstooth. My first encounter with this pattern was my school uniform: a pleated skirt with a very small black and white hounstooth pattern, simple yet classic, of course I didn't like it at that moment, who can blame me, we were so young!
Also called houndstooth check or hound's tooth (Pata de gallo in Spanish), this duotone textile pattern is characterized by broken checks or abstract four-pointed shapes (often in black and white). They originated in woven wool cloth of the Scottish Lowlands, but are now used in many other materials. 
In my effort to try different techniques (who wants to playing it safe all the time?), I painted two checks with watercolours, scanned them and repeated them. The result is an imperfect but quite interesting pattern that I reckon it could look pretty good in a fabric and even a wall or wrapping paper. Do you concur? Opy x

Friday, 24 February 2012

#17½ VIVA la Vida

This is a special post to share with you this awesome note published in VIVA Wednesday 23 February. VIVA is a weekly magazine from the NZ Herald (one of the most important newspaper here) and celebrates "the good things in life". For me it has become like a bible for design, fashion and all things happening right now, right here (and out there). I've been a follower since my first job in NZ 9 years ago (yesterday was exactly 9 years since I first landed here, I know! Double WOW!). I am honoured and pleased that I was featured in one of the pages, I have to confess it was a dream to appear in the magazine, and I did! So this is a clear example that if you really want something and you work for it, it will eventually happen! (Important note: one must have a dream to follow, then, I believe, you are half way there). Let me thank not only the awesome team at VIVA, but also my family, friends, collegues and followers for the constant support and feedback, knowing what you think and feel is an important part of this project, it gives me energy and confidence to keep creating. So Thank You! Opy x
PS: this week's pattern come with a bit of a delay. I've been so over the moon that I haven't had a minute to sit and do... so watch this space!

Friday, 17 February 2012

#17 A la Moda

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. 
Coco Chanel

Thursday, 9 February 2012

#16 NN

If you were expecting a Valentine's design, you are wrong my friends! 
I am not going to get into details why, enough said.
So instead I came up with this things, symbols or whatever you want to call them.
A Mandala? Who knows? I am not going to try to label it, because let's face it, just like in life, some things just don't have a reason to be. I mean, most of the time, themes have a sense, but sometimes, it is what it is, just triangles and circles, thrown together nicely for a pretty pattern that hopefully some day will become a textile for a cushions or a duvet cover. What a dreamer this pattern! Oh well, they do say that if you are gonna dream, may as well dream big, no? Love, Opy 

Thursday, 2 February 2012

#15 Band of Peculiar Dogs

Last weekend was a long one, so with a bit of extra time in my hands, I started drawing these dogs and thinking what if they have a life? A peculiar personality? Something different... 

Friday, 27 January 2012

#14 Lucky Dragon

I am so thrilled! Thanks Bowie Style for posting my project in Print & Pattern!
This blog is huge when it comes to surface pattern, so I am honoured that she acknowledged my project. 
By consequence I had a great response from people all over the world, in particular Leanne Carpentier, she wrote a great post about my blog, thank you so much!
It is really rewarding when also fellow designers appreciate and value your work. 
All the praises keep my spirits up and renew my energy to keep doing it!

For this week pattern, you probably have already figured out why I've chosen a dragon: the Year of the Dragon, well not only that, this week, here in NZ, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, is opening in theatres. I've been waiting anxious for this movie since I found out that David Fincher was going to direct it (he did the Fight Club so I know he will not disappoint), also Daniel Craig is eye candy bonus.
I read the books and watched the Swedish movies, both awesome, I am pretty sure they are not going to ruin his "american" version, however I doubt Mara could match Noomi Rapace performance (she nails the role) but I guess her Oscar nomination could prove me wrong. 
May you have luck when you see this pattern, as the Year of the Dragon is considered the luckiest year in the Chinese Zodiac.