Thursday, 5 July 2012

#37 Buildings

A bit inspired by the movie Sidewalls (Medianeras), set in Buenos Aires, Argentina.. showing beautiful (and not so beautiful) buildings... I loved it from the beginning until the end, my kind of feel good movie. It has some killer quotes in regards to swimming, texting and internet dating, but you will have to watch it if you want to hear them.. in the mean time I leave you with Martin's opening monologue... it makes more sense with the images but anyway...

"Buenos Aires is growing uncontrollably and imperfectly. Its a hugely populated city. A city in which thousands of buildings rise into the sky arbitrarily… Next to a tall one, there’s a small one. Next to a rational one, an irrational one. Next to a French one, one without style. These irregularity reflect us perfectly… irregularities that are both aesthetic and ethic. These buildings without any logic represent bad planning, just like our lives; we have no idea how we want them to be. We live in Buenos Aires as if it were a stopover; we’ve created a tenant culture. The buildings are becoming smaller and smaller to make space for even smaller ones. Apartments are measured by the number of rooms and range from 5: with balconies, playrooms, and maids quarters to 1: a studio apartment, or a shoebox. Just like almost all manmade objects, the buildings reflect the differences between us: there’s a front and a backside, high and low apartments. Privileged people have the letter A, sometimes B… the farther back the alphabet goes, the worse the apartment. The promised views and brightness rarely coincide with reality. What can be expected of a city that turns it back to its river?"


  1. Her-mo-so!!!!!!!!Qué patrón extraño y bello! Hay algo, no sé si los colores o las líneas abigarradas de los edificios que no te permiten dejar de mirarlo....Como siempre , qué orgullo, Florcita!