Thursday, 29 March 2012

# 23 Life's Recipe by Me

1 cup of friends
1 cup of family
1 litre of humour
1/2 cup of creativity
100 ml of personality
50 ml of common sense
4 tbsp of passion
2 tbsp of craziness
4 tsp of patience
2 Pinches of curiosity
pinch of silliness
Dash of drama

Cooking Instructions
Do you have them? Because I don't... I probably lost them somewhere between my late teens and mid 20s, so now I just throw ingredients together and wish for the best. If you haven't try this freestyle cooking, I dare you! It's yuck sometimes but when it turn out ok is delicious! Even if is not the flavour that you hoped for!

So how are you cooking these days?

Friday, 23 March 2012

#22 Mapuche

Inspired by the Mapuche textile art, here is my version of the "Tribal Print" (very much in trend this days). 
The Mapuche are one of three surviving tribes of the ancient Araucanian linguistic group of indigenous who lived in south-central Chile and southwestern Argentina before the Incas or the Spaniards arrived. The Mapuche, whose name means "people of the land" are gifted craftsmen. Their textiles, in beautifully blended colors, borrow designs from the Incas, with squares, stepped, and zigzagged lines dominating. 
If you are lucky you may have seen this fabulous form of craft in its environment, if not, consider a trip to South America next time you plan a holiday, I am positive it will be one of the best experiences of your life, and I am not just saying that!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

#21 Roses are Big, Blue & Bold

Don't you just love bold lines?
When I was a kid I was obsessed with Snoopy & Garfield, in those times, it was difficult to find pictures or stationery about them, and then when I finally managed to get something, I wanted to apply it everywhere for every occasion Eg Birthday cards, letters. I used tracing paper to copy their images with pencil, then transfer them to paper, then colour them and last, I drew the bold black lines, ahhhh my favourite part! so much dedication! But it was worth it, with no computer or scanner everything was like that! I am from a generation that adopted "resourceful" as its middle name (imagine our parents or grandparents generations, the imagination! such a troopers!) 
Coming back to lines, one of my favourites artist that based his work on thick lines was Keith Haring, such a talent! I love his bright and bold figures, they have so much energy, with a real power to communicate. If you never heard of him, check the official website, I am sure you will like his work too his drawings put a smile on my face!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

#20 Todo sobre mi Madre | All about my Mother

Marta Leonor, nacida el 6 de Marzo ES... 
... VERDE, ama el campo y el aire libre, "Chiquititas, salgan a disfrutar de la naturaleza" lo comprueba 
... DOCENTE Y MUY PACIENTE! Amante de su vocacion (y afortunada diriamos nosotras!) 
... APASIONADA Y EFUSIVA en sus creencia, pensamientos, sentimientos e inclinaciones politicas 
... TIENE MUCHA ENERGIA, tanta que hasta a veces su manera de relajarse es trabajar. ("En orbita, chiquititas!" otra frase famosa) 
... UNA GRAN RELATORA, de peliculas especialmente, es como si la estuvieras viendo en el cine, con lujo de detalles 
... UN POCO EXAGERADA, aunque no lo haga a proposito (y no le guste reconocerlo) tiende a agrandar un poco las situaciones (pero esta cualidad abunda en las mujeres de la familia, incluyendonos! por eso no esta sola en esto!) 
... NUESTRA MADRE, que es perfectamente imperfecta en su rol (lejos estamos de ser nosotras las hijas perfectas). Ella hace lo mejor que le sale y con las mejores intenciones. Y aunque a veces no parezca, lo valoramos.
Feliz Cumple Mama! Te amamos, Guillermina & Florencia :)


Marta Leonor, born March 6 IS...
... GREEN, he loves the countryside and the outdoors, "Chiquititas, come out to enjoy nature" proves it!
... A TEACHER AND VERY PATIENT! She loves what she does (lucky her we reckon!)
... PASSIONATE AND EFFUSIVE in her beliefs, thoughts, feelings and political taste.
... HAS LOTS OF ENERGY, so sometimes even his way of relaxing is working ("In orbit, chiquititas" another famous phrase)
... A GREAT STORYTELLER, especially when telling films, it's as though you were watching it in the theater, she doesn't miss a detail
... A BIT EXAGGERATED, a drama queen, but she doesn't do it on purpose (and she doesn't like to admit it either) tends to overreact some situations (but this quality runs in women of the family, including us! so she is not alone in this!)
... OUR MOTHER, who is perfectly imperfect in her role (we are far from being the perfect daughters ourselves). She does her best with the best intentions. And though sometimes it may not seem, we value that!
Happy Birthday Mom! We love you, Guillermina & Florencia :)  

Este estampado esta basado en esta fotos de 1975. Que guapa Marta!
Inspirado en la obra del artista pop Andy Warhol.

This pattern is based on this photo from 1975. Pretty Marta!
Inspired by the work of pop artist Andy Warhol. 

Friday, 2 March 2012

#19 Goosebumps

Considering that goosebumps are the bumps on a person's skin at the base of body hairs which may involuntarily develop when a person is cold or experiences strong emotions such as fear, nostalgia, pleasure, admiration, etc. When was the last time you remember having the goosebumps?
Mine was listening to Adele's Someone like you! What a voice!
Not many things get me goosebumps (apart from being cold of course!) but I do get emotional a lot, like I a weep for everything (I told you I was a crier!) I also suffer from a severe case of blushing! ohhhh yes! And it runs in the family, BIG time! I get nervous, I blush! All red: face, ears, neck, boiling hot!... but I am learning to get over it! beside I heard somewhere that creative people blush! (note: this fact might be invented by my sister, to make us feel good about our blushing!) Opy x
PS: I bet you'll remember this post next time you have the goosebumps!