Thursday, 29 March 2012

# 23 Life's Recipe by Me

1 cup of friends
1 cup of family
1 litre of humour
1/2 cup of creativity
100 ml of personality
50 ml of common sense
4 tbsp of passion
2 tbsp of craziness
4 tsp of patience
2 Pinches of curiosity
pinch of silliness
Dash of drama

Cooking Instructions
Do you have them? Because I don't... I probably lost them somewhere between my late teens and mid 20s, so now I just throw ingredients together and wish for the best. If you haven't try this freestyle cooking, I dare you! It's yuck sometimes but when it turn out ok is delicious! Even if is not the flavour that you hoped for!

So how are you cooking these days?


  1. Una preciosura, Florcita!!!!!!!!QUIERO YA UN MANTEL ASÍ PARA EL NUEVO DPTO.!!!!!Sí es bello, muy bello y acorde a que estoy embalando la vajilla...muy ad hoc...Bravo, hiji adorada....te amamos y amamos tu talento. Y la receta, impecable!

  2. Great pattern and great text, Opy.