Thursday, 15 March 2012

#21 Roses are Big, Blue & Bold

Don't you just love bold lines?
When I was a kid I was obsessed with Snoopy & Garfield, in those times, it was difficult to find pictures or stationery about them, and then when I finally managed to get something, I wanted to apply it everywhere for every occasion Eg Birthday cards, letters. I used tracing paper to copy their images with pencil, then transfer them to paper, then colour them and last, I drew the bold black lines, ahhhh my favourite part! so much dedication! But it was worth it, with no computer or scanner everything was like that! I am from a generation that adopted "resourceful" as its middle name (imagine our parents or grandparents generations, the imagination! such a troopers!) 
Coming back to lines, one of my favourites artist that based his work on thick lines was Keith Haring, such a talent! I love his bright and bold figures, they have so much energy, with a real power to communicate. If you never heard of him, check the official website, I am sure you will like his work too his drawings put a smile on my face!


  1. como siempre, sorprendente. Me encanta el esquema de las rosas y por supuesto, el color.....Me emocionó leer lo de Garfield y de cómo nos "arreglábamos" con cul+alquiercosa en los viejos tiempos...Abrazos!!!!!!

  2. Divino!!!
    Ohhhh Snoopy & Garfield.... hoy por hoy agarro la pelicula de Garfield en TV y la veo jajajaja
    Besos Opy!!!

  3. Good job Flo! Inspired by Keith Harring but in a feminine way :-) nice! It's a great way to do pattern design that you can play with form, colour and style. And even texture! Fun project to do as we are all inspired from everyday lives!