Thursday, 24 November 2011

#5 To Sir With Love

Who's that man? That handsome man up there is my father. Happy Birthday papa! 
Tuesday 22nd of November was his 66th birthday and this is my gift to him. 
Luis Guillermo Diomedes aka Willie, one of the coolest men I have ever known, is the ultimate argentinian dundy! A true gentleman with unique style!
When he is not working, he spends his time listening to classical music, cataloguing old photos or meetings with friend for coffee/drinks. 
He prides himself of being a good eater (delicatessen food, a must!) and a good drinker: whiskey, beer, wine, whatever accompanies a good momento!  (obviously these two qualities run in the family!) 
He treasures objects with sentimental value, antiques especially (now we know where my love for vintage came from). Rugby is also a passion of his, he played in his younger years, creating friendship bonds that last until today, "friends that are brothers" as he likes to say. 
Movies, especially westerns, he loves! His ultimate idol is John Wayne, of course! Among his favorites film are: The Music Teacher & Dances with Wolves (he also secretly loves Zoolander, but you didn't hear it from me!) 
As you can read he is an incredible person... and I am lucky to have him as my father!

"I was just thinking that of all the trails in this life there is one that matters most. It is the trail of a true human being. I think you are on this trail and it is good to see"
Kicking Bird [in Lakota; subtitled] from film Dances with Wolves

Thursday, 17 November 2011

#4 Sweet Birdie

This week's pattern has a simple reason to be: LOVE (awwwww)

Aunt thinking of niece >
Aunt missing niece, a lot >
Aunt thinks of creating something for niece >
Aunt draws cute birdie >
Birdie becomes a pattern.

Because like I read somewhere… becoming an aunt is completely out of one's control. When your sister becomes a mom, you become an aunt. There is no life planning or great thought put into this occasion: basically, it just happens! And it changes your life forever! 
How very true!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

#3 Flor = Flower

Because I believe that a blog could be an bit of an egocentric thing to do (at least this one), this post is titled after my name. Florencia (Florence in english) is derived from the Latin verb floreo, meaning "I flower" (in the sense of a blossom). The name is also derived from the Italian city Firenze. Well, not rocket science there!
I also wanted to create something to celebrate Spring season in this part of the world, but I have to say, New Zealand weather has a (not so) funny way to let us know that it truly has the four season in one day!
I wanted to try something new with the colour theme and I believe this odd combination turned out to be quite interesting. What do you think?
Thanks family & friends for your support, ideas & feedback! You keep me going!
Adios, Opy

Thursday, 3 November 2011

#2 Don't Just...

Hello again, what a week! I have to confess I am really enjoying this but oh boy! This is a LOT harder than I thought! Getting the right pattern, the one I am 100% happy with, is not a piece of cake, but it's ok, I am pretty sure that as weeks goes by I will get used to it, & that I will enjoy it even more!
Some time ago I bumped into this phrase on the web; it lights me up when I am having one of those days (you know which ones: glass half empty days, tired days, "what I am doing here?" days).
I liked the idea of different circle frames, like picture frames in a wall. Why yellow? It symbolizes: wisdom, joy & happiness, so I reckon it goes perfect with the theme. 
Special mention to my sister, Guille, for helping me with the colour.... I miss you sis! Thanks for you help & your constant support!
Thanks for visiting, love, Opy