Friday, 29 June 2012

#36 Seagulls by 8 Year Old Me

Recently my mother and father moved houses, in the process they found a drawing I made back when I was 8 years old, they sent it to me and amaze by it, I couldn't believe the unusual seagulls that I drew on the sky, so It was decided that I will use it as an element for a pattern.

The pink seagull is the original from my drawing, the rest shows how the figure for the pattern was constructed

Dear 8 year old me, 
25 years later, I am writing to you with some piece of advise:
- Your Barbie is made of plastic, it won't come alive, so stop praying and wasting energies on useless things.
- Don't worry about silly things, and don't overreact, nothing is so bad. The sooner you realise this, the better you will enjoy the little things. 
- Love your body at every age, you are not as chubby as you think. But please when you reach your late teens take example from your friends and start exercising. 
- Concentrate on searching on what drives you, on what makes you happy.
- Screw Disney and their Prince Charming. The only person that you have to impress is yourself!
- Early 2001, take out of all your saving from the bank, if not by the end of the year your Government is going to screw you, big time! 
- In 2003 you will move to two little islands in the South Pacific, a very good decision! But remember they are NOT tropical islands!


  1. I loved your advices to the little Flor :) x

  2. Ay, Florcita, me has hecho lagrimear! Qué "cosita" observadora eras de pequeñita!!!! Y hoy, por hoy veo que sos capaz de transformar con tu buen ojo y oído algo tan elemental como tu antigua gaviota en este patrón tan bello! Te amamos y admiramos tus papis!!!!

  3. hermoso flo!! sos una geniaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.marianita