Saturday, 28 April 2012

#27 Whale Watch

This week comes with delay, just laziness. 
Like some other times, I was panicking about what to do, I asked my marine biologist friend, and she said: Why don't you do a pattern about whales? They just arrived to Puerto Madryn.
Great idea, why not? I said. They are, after all, the biggest mammals, and they seem to be fascinating creatures.
Puerto Madryn is a city East of Argentina, by the Atlantic Ocean, very famous for it's whale watching. I have actually never been there, but according to many it's an amazing city where you get to live one of the best sealife experiences. And my friend knows best! She is from the mainland, but from the moment she saw the whales at an early age, she had "the calling" and she knew what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. So when time came, she moved to Madryn where she went to UNI, and lucky me she is here now, still studying, happy about being surrounded by oceans. It is sooooo cool to have a marine biologist as friend, its like having my own personal wikipedia! So have you ever seen a whale? Opy x


  1. Como siempre, los coloresssss!!!!!!!!!Seguro que sobre el fondo blanco del patrón anda retozando la ballena albina...Grande Florcita

  2. Hi Opy!

    This is a beautiful pattern! I was looking for an image to use for the background of my blog on my work and travel as a marine mammal scientiest ( and I found your image on Google Images. Do you mind if I use the image on my blog page? I would, of course, give you credit on my blog! Thanks :)