Saturday, 26 May 2012

#31 Argentina

25 de Mayo, Feliz Dia de la Revolucion! Above all, I'm from Argentina, and although for the past 9 years I've chosen to live abroad, I try never to forget my roots. I don't know if I will ever live there again, now I'm so used to another way of life (neither better nor worse, just different), it is hard for me to look back. Many things make Argentina such a special place, if you never visit or don't know or never know someone from this wonderful country, this pattern showcases some of the most iconic symbols (at least according to me)

1. Sol de Mayo this golden sun with 32 rays (16 undulated and 16 straight) is one of our national emblems, you can find it in coins, the flag and the coat of arms.
2. Fútbol, a passion of Argentina, need to mention Maradona or Messi?
3. Asado, in this case goat in a stake, but it's mainly beef meat, it's all about the meat, tender and tasty. The cooking of the meat it's an art, charcoal or woodfire, there is no other option! We can certainly said that in Argentina being a vegetarian is frown upon.
4. El hornero, ovenbirds is another national emblem, their woodfire oven house are lovely and too cute!
5. La escarapela, the cockade, a national emblem with same white and light blue as the flag, is wear to show pride during important dates like 25 de Mayo
6. Mate is an infused drink, prepared with the yerba mate leaves and hot water (mostly). It's serve with a straw called bombilla in a shallow calabash gourd referred as Mate. It's traditionally drunk in a particular social setting such as family gatherings or with friends. Some like mate amargo (bitter) or mate dulce (sweet - like me!)
7. Alpargatas this typical canvas shoes are the simplest and cheapest footwear you can find, it's so funny to see them so in fashion these days!
8. Alfajor is the preferred sweet, two biscuits joined together with lots of dulce de leche (sort of a caramel) coated with chocolate. Yummy!!!


  1. Me encantaron las explicaciones que agregaste de cada símbolo....genia, chiquitita y VIVA NUESTRA PATRIA!!!!!!Abrazos para vos y tu corazón de argentina.Te amamos

  2. muy lindo Flor!!!! me encanto