Thursday, 10 May 2012

#29 madmenmania

I've been so obsessed with Mad Men lately that I wanted to do something with a 60s design feeling. If you never watched the show, and you love vintage/retro design, I recommend you watch it, fashion and furniture are incredibly true to those years (at least that's what they said!). The story and dinamics are also amazing of course, but maybe not everybody cup of tea, the pace is rather slower than the typical nowadays shows. What I like most is how they manage to include news, music and art from that time, not to mention advertising, and how things and relationships used to work back then, oh so much different that now (well maybe not all things are much different). Also the characters are just perfect, you love them and you hate at some point, specially Don, such an adorable handsome douchebag! 
Let the draping begin! (ooooooh yes! this is happening!)


  1. Florcita:siempre dando en la tecla; muy, muybueno este dideño y como es habitual,una elección perfecta de los colores...Y si Don dRAPER Y SU MUNDO son lo más....abrazos de orgullo y felicitación....

  2. I really Like this! Love the colours you've used. :D