Wednesday, 30 May 2012

#32 More Roses

Because there is never enough floral patterns.. and roses are so nice to the eye
...I put on my floral dress, sunglasses and off to the beach, where it's sunny and warm, the water is at perfect temperature, the book is the perfect read... care to join me?
A girl can dream... Opy x
PS: Many thanks ApetitPois, your post is awesome. Your blog is divine!


  1. Cada semana nos sorprendés tan gratamente....qué bello patrón!!!!Estas rosas, estos colores tan entrañables....excelente, hija...Y por supuesto,cualquier chica ( y no tan chica) tiene derecho a soñar!!!!!Abrazos de oso!!!!

  2. Thank YOU so much. Your work is wonderful, I love it. Keep doing it.
    Maybe the next pattern with some petits pois (little dots)? ;)

    xx, APP

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