Tuesday, 25 September 2012

#48 Keep Watching

Yeah, yeah, I know I am super extra late this week, or last week? but for good reasons, one of them being that the 19th was my birthday, so I wanted to make the pattern about me, or at least about something I specially love.... and you know when they say that to create something about ourselves is the most difficult, they are totally right! Complete blocked, blank mind... so after much stressing I decided to leave it to fate... so for inspiration, I took a random Frankie magazine, with my eyes closed, flicked the pages, point somewhere and funny thing, I pointed an ad with pendant of a hot air balloon! (true story!) A sign for sure.... because I absolutely love my first ever pattern "Watch, Lean & Fly", so here it is another version, besides recycling is cool!

                              If I were in charge of the world 
                              I’d cancel Monday morning, coriander 
                              and Crocs.

                              If I were in charge of the world 
                              There’d be an Ikea in New Zealand
                              and all plane seats would be first class (but without the price!) 

                              If I were in charge of the world 
                              You wouldn’t have rain on weekends. 
                              You wouldn’t have traffic jams. 
                              You wouldn’t have calories. 

                              If I were in charge of the world 
                              Chocolate be a vegetable. 
                              Ryan Gosling would be my husband.
                              And a person who sometimes forgot to txt back, 
                              And sometimes forgot to call back, 
                              Would still be allowed to be 
                              In charge of the world.

Of course what I really want is peace, a world free of hunger and starvation, a world where all people are treated with dignity, respect and equality, but you knew that... so this version is for your LOLs. This is based in the poem by Judith Viorst, I used it as base and just add my personal wishes. What would you do if you were in charge of the world?


  1. Awesome!

    if I ruled the world I'd free everybody's soul from greed, there would be no pointy shoes and no getting there late. there would be designated car lanes around streets full of bicycles, choripan stands on every corner and weed be legal.

    i'd also take a ride on a balloon if invited!

  2. Qué bello tu primer patrón!!!! Y este reciclado impecable con las nubes y los colores tan tuyos!!!! Me encantó....cómo vamos a extrañar tus creaciones semanales! Alguna otra cosa se te va a ocurrir para seguir disfrutando de tu ingenio....Abrazos!!!!!!!! MA

  3. Love it FLor! It is so easy to dream... and free!!
    I agree on many things with you and Sonny... No crocs and pointy shoes! No traffic jams and yes bicycle facilities. And you should be able to live wherever in the world you want (no visas!)... And can we share Ryan Gosling?! hahah ;-)