Saturday, 18 August 2012

#43 Potpourri Collage

Yes, that's it! Only 10 patterns to go, so some elements decided to have another 15 minutes of fame. A mix and match of whatever with some new elements (as if Marilyn was going to be left out!)
Going to the basics here, a sort of collage, remember them? I did plenty of those back in the day, love the cut & paste concept. And don't try to look for logic in the layout, there isn't really one (psychologist: enjoy!)
The main photos on the background were taken with my film camera, Lomography Diana Mini, (yeap, no digital here!) during different trips around the globe, can you see Montmartre there? or the beautiful Rio? Also my very special place in Argentina, my family farm Doña Leonor.
I love it, you like?

1 comment:

  1. Otros 15 minutos de fama!!!!! JA JA!!!!Sos genial Y por supuesto DOña LEONOR no podía faltar...Y YO LLORO, para variar