Saturday, 4 August 2012

#41 Olympic Swimmer

Not even the Olympics can escape the geometric design trend, it's everywhere
I like most of the branding, especially the colour combos (can't you tell from the pattern? orange & hot pink! oh my!), however I'm not particularly fond of the mascot, Wenlock. What is that thing?! Is it like a Leela from Futurama? Is it a Minion from Despicable Me? "Simplicity is Beauty" obviously does not apply here. Olympic fail if you ask me! Bring Cobi back!
And if you are having an Olympic overdose, it's ok, don't panic! You are totally allowed, it is, after all, only every 4 years and not in many occasion we get to see sports that we (ordinary "non sporty" people) rarely ever get to watch. The flexible gymnasts (with all the glitter, of course!), the fast swimmers & the bikers with the futuristic outfits. What a parade of effort, agility & coordination! Thanks for the entertaining!

1 comment:

  1. Otro patrón imperdible...Y los COLORES, por favor, alucinantes....Ni te cuento que lloré con HEY, JUDE en la apertura de los juegos...Bello lo tuyo y cada vez faltan menos...BESITOSSSSS