Thursday, 22 December 2011

#9 Have a Happy Green Christmas

Here it is, that time of the year again, the time of the OVER: overeating, overdrinking, overspending.... and it's all good, guilt free! We can take care of dieting, detoxing and saving in the new year! 
However in my attempt to be (or at least try to be) an eco friendly person, this pattern is to encourage you and myself to have a more greener life (New Year's resolution? Maybe?). 
All sounds good but is common knowledge that trying to be 100% green is almost a mission impossible (ok, maybe not for Tom) and it can be expensive but still within everyone's lifestyle and budget there are lots of things they can be done, for example, things that I do:
Take my NOT plastic bags to the market
Sort out the rubbish for recycling collection
Re-use papers whenever possible (I love to re use wrapping paper)
Buy groceries I know I am going to consume (I HATE throwing away food)
Whenever affordable, I buy biodegradable products
Turn off the tap while brushing
Buy second hand (do we really need everything NEW?) 
And my favourite: Mend it rather than replace it!
I hope this inspire you, I imagine lots of people already do most of the above and some have no interest whatsoever. And it's fine, but just think of it as a selfish thing to do: help the earth, help yourself!
Have a Happy Christmas! Don't over do it (maybe a little) Opy

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  1. Hi Flora i let you know that i woke up just an hour ago ,the day was raining and i thought what a wonderful day for watching a movie ,and then y put my tv on and there was a problem with sky i mean my tv it wasnt working propialy. So , i connected my computer and i saw your message for your sister for her birthday , that i think was yesterday,wasn"it? After that i started to read your Opy"s Patern Proyect and i want to say Congratulations for this is absolutely fantastic , believe me !!! i didnt pay attention before to your blog i really like it!!! full of imagination and a lots of passion :) .Have an awesome year!!! the 2012 is yours :) ,by the way thanks for inviting me to your place on the 31st i heard that was a magnific party :) . Lots of hugs!